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Hangin' with the Harp

Hangin' with the Harp - Every Third Tuesday, 4PM EST

Next Hangin' with the Harp - 2/21/23

Via Zoom and Facebook



AHC would like to invite you to a harp “hang” every third Tuesday at 4PM EST. Each month you can join some of our favorite harpists for a half hour presentation followed by a 10 minute Q&A covering a variety of topics to keep you inspired and excited with the harp during these challenging times. Each live stream will also be proceeded by a brief live chat with AHC owner Mary Jane D'Arville and harpist Robbin Gordon-Cartier! Can’t make it? No problem! You can catch the replay on our Youtube channel and Facebook page.



Next Hangin' with the Harp - 2/21/23

Plays Well With Others

with Virginia Harp Center Festival featured artist Rhett Barnwell

on Zoom or Facebook


Virginia Harp Center Festival featured artist Rhett Barnwell will join Robbin and MJ in this hang that explores the secrets to playing well with others…musicians, that is!  Collaboration not only adds a unique dimension to music making, it’s fun!  As harpists, opportunities to play in a group can be limited. Join us for tips on how to make the most of your chamber music or harp ensemble experience so you'll be prepared when you have the chance to play with others!

To learn more about the Virginia Harp Center Festival, check out the website at




Past Hangin' with the Harps


1/17/23 - Virginia Harp Center Festival featured artist Dr. Noël Wan!



12/19/22 - Hangin' for the Holidays 2023


11/15/22 - At First Sight: The Whys and Hows of Sight Reading with Phala Tracy

A PDF for this presentation is available here.



10/18/22 - Enchanting Effects: How to weave magic into your music with Kela Walton

A PDF for this presentation is available HERE.




9/20/22: No pain, no gain, NO WAY! with Christine A. Moran, hand therapist

A PDF for this presentation is available HERE.


8/19/22: Tune In & Chill Out with Carrie Tollett


7/19/22: Christmas in July...with friends!




5/17/22: The Art of the Arpeggio: How to Fix your Broken Chords with Lynne Aspnes

A PDF for this presentation is available HERE.


4/19/22: Spring cleaning: Keep your harp in tip-top shape!

A PDF for this presentation can be found HERE.

And click HERE for the follow up Q&A!


3/15/22: Hangin' with Harp Column!

A PDF for this presentation is available HERE.


2/15/22: A Touch of Jazz with Cindy Horstman

A PDF for this presentation is available HERE.


1/18/22: The Art of the Finish with Grace Browning

A PDF of this presentation can be found HERE.


12/21/21: Hangin' for the Holidays

A program for this event can be found HERE.

For an added festive treat, check out these seasonal recipes recommended by our guests and hosts!



11/16/21: Breaking the Speed Barrier: The metronome says go, but your fingers say no! with Anne Sullivan

A PDF for this session is available here


10/19/21: The Holidays are Coming! Are you ready? with Mallory McHenry

A PDF for this session is available here and here..


9/21/21: Follow Your Heart Strings: Make Each Move Count! with Angelica Hairston

A PDF for this session can be found HERE.


8/16/21: Take a Break! featuring Rhett Barnwell, Candace Lark, and Amanda Whiting


7/20/21: Buzz off! Replacing with Care and Clarity with Josh Layne

A PDF for this session is available here.


6/15/21: Go with the Flow with Sunita Staneslow

A PDF for this session is available HERE.


5/18/21: An Afternoon with Bernard with Megan Metheney

Bernard Andres PDF


4/20/21: It Takes Three! with Felice Pomeranz

It Takes Three! PDF


3/20/21: Spontaneity for the Soul with Amanda Whiting



2/16/21: "And All That Jazz" - Frank Voltz

And All That Jazz PDF


1/19/21: "Keep Happiness in Your Harping" - Candace Lark

4 Steps to Happy Harping Worksheet


12/15/20: Hangin' for the Holidays Concert

Click here for the program!

And for a tasty treat, check out these recipes recommended by our hosts and guest artists!


11/17/20: "Sending your Virtual Self: Harp for the Holidays" - with Jan Jennings
PDF of music titles
10/20/20: "Is Bach Better on Harp" - with Parker Ramsay
9/15/20: "Fall-ing in Love with Practicing Again!" - with Ela Szmyt
Click HERE for this session's PDF!
8/11/20: Working Smarter, Not Harder - with Robbin Gordon-Cartier
8/4/20: Orchestra 101 - with Maryanne Meyer
7/28/20: For the Record - with Rachel Lee Adams
7/21/20: Beyond the notes...paint a musical picture - with Merynda Adams
7/14/20: Connection and Resilience during Covid - with Elizabeth Steiner
6/30/20: Finding Your Voice - with Brandee Younger
6/23/20: Why Theory? - with Colleen Potter Thorburn
6/16/20: A Harpist's Guide to the Orchestra! - with Maryanne Meyer

6/9/20: Arangging 101 - with Rhett Barnwell


5/26/20: Harp Emojis-Interpreting the Hieroglyphics - with Lynne Aspnes 

Repertoire Study,Salzedo condensedAndres StudySalzedo StudiesGrandjany NotationAndres NotationsGustavson NotationsFrancisque - Grandjany Pavane


5/19/20: How Much is Too Much? The Conveyor Belt Solution - with Anne Sullivan

The Conveyor Belt Solution PDF


5/12/20: Technique Tune-up for the Lazy Harpist - with Kim Robertson

Technique Tune-Up PDF


5/5/20: Relaxation in Action! - with Rhett Barnwell

Awakening the Fingers PDF


4/28/20: When Life Gives You Lemons.....Make Music! - with Robbin Gordon-Cartier

When Life Gives You Lemons PDF






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